24 February 2006

Self Portrait

This little fella is one of the cantor’s favorite fictitious characters. He’s the hapless hero of an early 1990s less than mainstream comic book. Cerebus is a barbarian character who is stuck in more modern world.

The cantor relates to this. One woman called The Cantor a 15th century mind in a 20th century body. Since The Cantor is very outspoken about Lutheran Reformation theology, which took place in the 16th century, he assumes she meant: “We call you a 16th century mind in a 21st century body. " It was either intended to be an insult or she and Pr. Goes the Great think they can read minds. None the less, The Cantor is quite flattered!

This particular image of Cerebus wielding a sword and toy doll strikes a chord with the cantor. He relates to the idea this way: The weary warrior fights the good fight with a sword. No one uses swords any more because they are out of the cutting-edge. He can barely lift his sword, but he clings to child’s toy. Cerebus clings to that child’s toy the way the Cantor clings to the Gospel of Christ. Foolishness to some, but unending comfort to him. Some think him a fool when he says, “because I am baptized.” “Because Jesus said the supper forgives my sins.” Or “I am weak of faith like the thief on the cross. I need to hear Christ forgive my sins.”

This image is the perfect self-portrait of the cantor. Clinging to the gospel, while he can barely hold his sword. Plus, it’s a much cooler picture of an Aardvark, Pr. Golden Loudmouth.